GM Horses


The transmission of the knowledge of riding is for us more than a way of life, it is a passion. We will help you to develop your riding skills at each advancement level, based on the classical dressage method. In order to achieve the best results all trainings are individual and personalized to the needs and skills of the rider. We have school masters horses that will allow you to develop and perfect your knowledge and equestrian feel. We teach riders at all levels of riding: amateur who want to gain the great pleasure from riding as well as professionals for whom improvement for dressage contest is crucial. In all of cases what is important for us is the taste for equestrian art.

We offer:

– individual lessons in our stable in Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal –

– riding clinics abroad –

– riding and work in hand workshops in Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal –


So if you:

– would like to develop and improve your riding education –

– would like to work on some specific range of dressage skills –

– would like to explore classical dressage methods –

– would like to prepare yourself to a dressage competition –

– would like to prepare yourself to a horse show –

– would like to develop the “work in hand” education –

– would like to learn how to develop your horse education –

– would like to learn how to solve the problem of your horse –

– would like to learn how to work with your horse for his best development –

– would like us to find the best solution for you or book a date –

please contact us at, +351916444448



GM Horses offers you all kinds of services related to horse and rider education:



We will also:

– find and select a horse the most appropriate for your needs –

– help you to finalize the horse purchase –

– assess and develop the skills of your horse at each level and discipline –

– prepare and present your horse to: approval of stallions, models and movements –

– provide individual and personalized riding lessons

– assist and give you a technical advice for the sale of your horse –