GM Horses

Gonçalo Soares - Our team leader

Gonçalo Soares, Professional Rider since 1999 and Rider of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art since 2004, is responsible for the GM Horses team.

The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, along with the Spanish School of Vienna, Cadre Noir de Saumur and the Royal Spanish School, is a source of culture, equestrian art and classical riding.

Gonçalo Soares acquired much of his training at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, in which he has participated over the years in numerous shows, both in Portugal and abroad.

At the same time, competition has also been one of its sources of experience and knowledge, from participation in tests to the level of St. George, and in the monitoring of students at different levels of competition.

The experience already acquired over the many years, allows to hold training sessions and sessions for riders and horses, not only in Portugal, but also throughout Europe.



GM Horses offers you all kinds of services related to horse and rider education:



We will also:

– find and select a horse the most appropriate for your needs –

– help you to finalize the horse purchase –

– assess and develop the skills of your horse at each level and discipline –

– prepare and present your horse to: approval of stallions, models and movements –

– provide individual and personalized riding lessons

– assist and give you a technical advice for the sale of your horse –