GM Horses


We offer you our experience and contacts with finding Lusitano horse that suits you the best. If you have specific requirements and needs, you are looking for a horse at a specific level of education, with a special character, certain external features, different disciplines or would like us to choose the best horse for your After knowing your expectations, we:

– will look for and select horses that meet your expectations –

– will check them (each one will be ridden by Gonçalo Soares) –

– will plan to present selected horses to you and make them available to be ridden by you –


If they meet your expectations, we will:

– help you throughout the entire purchase process –

– help you in closing all the formal issues necessary to deliver your horse –

– support you in riding training and provide you guidelines how to work with the chosen one for your both best development –

– organize the transport to every place in the world –

And after the whole purchase process is over, we offer our help and advice in your training and development. Because your riding satisfaction and best experience is the most important for us.

So if you are looking for a Lusitano horse please contact us on, +351916444448



GM Horses offers you all kinds of services related to horse and rider education:



We will also:

– find and select a horse the most appropriate for your needs –

– help you to finalize the horse purchase –

– assess and develop the skills of your horse at each level and discipline –

– prepare and present your horse to: approval of stallions, models and movements –

– provide individual and personalized riding lessons

– assist and give you a technical advice for the sale of your horse –