GM Horses


GM Horses was created from a great passion and will to promote the Lusitano horses and the Classical Riding, two factors common to an ancestral tradition in Portuguese culture. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience on the Lusitano horse, either in the acquisition the dream horse or through individual stages of trainings and the communing with one, so that your experience would be truly unique.
In our work with Lusitanos, we focus on the gradual, harmonious development of both the horse and the rider. Thanks to the trust that we give to the horse and which horse will give us, we can build an unusual and strong bond that will result not only the sport achievements, but above all in great pleasure in riding and in contact with the horse.

All our horses are selected to ensure a proper learning for riders in different needs and so you could enjoy and know better our riding method and our Lusitano horses.
We are trying to put up and face requirements first. Our team formed from professionals is to give their best for you.



GM Horses offers you all kinds of services related to horse and rider education:



We will also:

– find and select a horse the most appropriate for your needs –

– help you to finalize the horse purchase –

– assess and develop the skills of your horse at each level and discipline –

– prepare and present your horse to: approval of stallions, models and movements –

– provide individual and personalized riding lessons

– assist and give you a technical advice for the sale of your horse –